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Dream Warfare Defense Earth Storm Hunting Rogue Nature
Spirit Theurgist Diviner Spellbreaker Spellbinder Conjurer Oracle Bone Charmer Warlock Soothsayer
Nature Wanderer Ritualist Champion Guardian Summoner Druid Ranger Illusionist  
Rogue Rogue Dreamkiller Assassin Corsair Magician Sorcerer Brigand    
Hunting Hunter Haruspex Slayer Warden Avenger Sage      
Storm Stormcaller Prophet Thane Paladin Elementalist        
Earth Pyromancer Evoker Battlemage Juggernaut          
Defense Defender Templar Conquerer            
Warfare Warrior Harbinger   Columns marked in blue are in the Titan Quest: Immortal Throne only.
Dream Seer                

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